In the Philippines, there is plenty to inspire and motivate people to make music. The culture is rich, an amalgamation of different ideas and featuring the influences of many different people and their heritages. We believe in the power of The Philippines country to stand strong in the face of an ever-more-homogenized world culture and to put out work that excites and thrills audiences.

Aden Ray, a singer-songwriter-producer, understands the culture of the Philippines well, having stayed there for about a year and a half and exploring museums, radio stations, and more during his time in the country. Now, he is hard at work creating an album that is dedicated to Filipino culture and the Filipino people.

The album, called The Philippines Equality Album, will feature fifteen unique songs, including “The Philippines” (in English and Tagalog), “Home,” “Love,” “Unity,” “Diversity,” and “Equality.” All the music on the album will celebrate the various races and people who have come together to make the Philippines what it is. As a member of PETA, Grammy 365, STIM, MusiCares, PPL UK, and EAU, Aden is committed to supporting social programs, and as such, he will parlay the success of the album into aid for charity organizations!

The IDEA is to record, release and promote a music album, inspired and dedicated to The Philippines country, culture and people.

Recently We’ve recorded a National Choir of almost 50 people for the main song, as well as some orchestra.

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Risks & Challenges:

Our biggest challenge is funding. But with your help, we can bring this project to fruition. Whether you donate five dollars or five thousand dollars, we will use your money to create a project that WILL change lives.

Other Ways You Can Help:

There are many ways you can help make this project possible without donating a dollar.

-SPREAD THE WORD! After all, a primary objective of our project is to spread awareness and start the conversation. -Spread the word some more. Share this on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter. Contact the media. Email your family and friends. Call your mom. Text your third cousin. Spread the word. We need you.


1. To create a piece of art - music, that will unite people from different countries, different races and different cultures into one - by music and it’s message.

2. To make this project heard and visible.

3. To continues support social programs, organizations and/or selected people by donating parts of all possible profit from the sales of this music album to them.

4. To make this Project work continuously.

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Needed for the final Production (Recording, mixing, engineering, mastering), Artworks, Distribution, Promotion, Marketing, Travel expenses, Administrative expenses, Assistant fees, Arrangers fees, Video making fees, etc.

Fundraising with GoGetFunding