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Aden Ray is a singer, songwriter and record producer, member of Grammy's Recording Academy and European Authors' Society.
Education: Saint Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts - Masters in Management and Production in Show Business, Music Management.

Member of PETA, Grammy 365, STIM, MusiCares, PPL UK, EAU.

I also made a research and found out that in European Nordic countries there are more than 50 000 Filipino residents, as well as almost 4 million in USA, more than 2 million in Saudi Arabia and UAE and so on.
My ideas and intentions for «The Philippines» project are:

The main idea is to attract youth’s attention to the main problems by comforting them with their most favorite thing - music and pop culture.

1. To create a great musical and cultural product, that will unite Filipinos all around the world.
2. To create a product, that will bring the attention of people all around the world to the greatness and beauty of The Philippines.
3. Through this project and by popularizing it, I’m intending to raise awareness for causes like ocean pollution (by making social statements and organizing educational youth meetings), child and elderly people hunger (by attracting sponsorships from the big companies to foundations), gender equality and HIV prevention (by making social statements and organizing educational youth meetings).
4. To make Filipinos proud of their Heritage, their Country and their People with a statement: All the World Cares and We Care.

After much consultation from our team, we have found that we need to raise at least €46 000 or 475 000 SEK in order to create and distribute «The Philippines Album» that has high level production value and quality. We believe that the only way this album will reach the masses we intend for it to, is if we produce it at the highest level realistically possible. 

Where the funds will go:

Production (Recording, mixing, engineering, mastering), Artworks, Distribution, Promotion, Marketing, Travel expenses, Administrative expenses, Assistant fees, Arrangers fees, Video making fees, etc.

We've already begun writing and producing new music, creating artworks, concepts and we need your help to bring it to fruition. 

We are creating a unique music project for The Philippines country which is called «The Philippines Anthem and Album» about and for The Philippines.

I was staying in The Philippines for one and a half years starting from 2016, making research about culture, music and art. I have visited museums, many radio stations and press offices as an artist and participated in programs and talk shows. I was also taking part in charity events such as feeding programs for children and worked with charity organizations. 

I fell in love with the Country, its cultural heritage and people.
This experience inspired me to write, compose and produce a unique product, that I called «The Philippines» album and unofficial anthem. This is a full length music album, which will consist of approx. 15 songs with the main song titled «The Philippines», that I wrote in English/Tagalog language. The main song will be presented in different variations/genres such as in piano version, guitar acoustic version etc.

 By bringing «The Philippines» project to life, we all are already doing something, we are making a change!

Recently We’ve recorded a National Choir of almost 50 people for the main song, as well as some orchestra. I flew to Kazakhstan to record songs for this album, worked with Swedish, Estonian, Russian and of course Filipino professionals to bring this project to life. 

From all possible profit of this project, we will be organizing feeding programs for children and elderly people, donating funds to organizations, that are fighting with ocean pollution and HIV prevention.

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Risks & Challenges

Our biggest challenge is funding. But with your help, we can bring this project to fruition. Whether you donate five dollars or five thousand dollars, we will use your money to create a project that WILL change lives. 

Other Ways You Can Help

There are many ways you can help make this project possible without donating a dollar. 

-SPREAD THE WORD! After all, a primary objective of our project is to spread awareness and start the conversation. 

-Spread the word some more. Share this on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter. Contact the media. Email your family and friends. Call your mom. Text your third cousin. Spread the word. 

We need you. 

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